Scarlett Siren & The Howlin' Tramps are every bit as bold and colourful as they sound, leaning on a unique sound that they’ve described as ‘Psychedelic Swing’. A vibrant concoction that blends cabaret-style and retro vibes with sparks of psychedelic rock, blues, and jazz, their style has become nothing short of a sensation.” - Broken 8 Records
Cruel Mistress is a great piece of work and pays homage to its musical forebears in all the right ways. It’s recorded in a timeless and sympathetic manner, and lives and dies by the trials and tribulations of our companion for the journey”



Scarlett Siren is an artist and creative operating on many verticals. She is a plus-sized 
model, burlesque performer, painter, vocal coach and producer. She is also the lead singer of vaudevillian 
styled troupeThe Howlin’ Tramps. Her band formed in Portland, Oregon, and is best 
described as “Psychedelic Swing.” Scarlett’s sultry and soulful vocals are akin to the 
late Amy Winehouse. They perform in a cabaret-style, giving their listeners retro-vibes 
from different eras of time. Their influencers are from multiple genres of music, including 
Psychedelic Rock, blues, and jazz. They also perform live shows entitled “Pink Elephant 
Cabaret,” which includes circus performances and burlesque, to evoke an atmospheric 
experience for their audience. Scarlett is also a vocal coach and wants to help others 
perform and be their best on the stage. Her fans can support her work via her Patreon. 
She is constantly sending empowering messages to women and encourages them to 
embrace body positivity. Scarlett’s performances and numbers are red hot and will have 
her patrons feverish with delight. 

Scarlett Siren is also a certified vocal coach and will be opening up an online school called "Soul'd Out University." 
it's a school by indie artists, who teach skills to help develope careers for other indie artists. she will be teaching vocal lessons, songwriting. to support her, or stay updated on exclusive content and creative ventures, you can follow her on Patreon

Scarlett Siren & The Howlin’ Tramps are not playing in any niche, they are absolutely creating their own. And it’s delicious every time you hear it.”